‘Seaweedfilter’ is one of the artworks part of the overarching artistic research project ‘Dead zones’

Micro algae blooms in coastal waters are fed by nutrient streams from land and create so called ‘Dead zones’. Seaweeds are macro algae, and just like micro algae they can take up nutrients very well. This way seaweed farms in estuaries could potentially contribute to the development of dead zone areas, by funtioning as nutrient filters. 

This work was handmade with knotweed, from the Netherlands. 
Framing by Goedman Lijstenmakers in collaboration with Wilfred Kalf. 

62 x 79 cm, edition of 1, framed with sustainable Dutch walnut and 70% art glas. 
€ 1350,- including frame. 

This work is sold and serves as an example of what is possible. 
If you have any questions or are interested in buying a work like this, please send an email to