Future Relics

Inspired by the approach of archaeology, I value plastic in the sea as future relics of today’s utensils. The cyanotype technique was originally used to make actual size contact prints of plants, like seaweed. Now, I use this technique for plastic waste to emphasize the organic shapes, caused by long presence in the sea. By reproducing every single object I find, I try to get grip on the huge amount of plastic in the sea. While doing this project I realized that we only add to the mass and that plastic made in the 50’s still exists. Plastic fades in colour and breaks up in tiny pieces, but will remain forever.

12/500+ prints

Future Relics in NOUN exhibition ‘Good work, good work?, ’good work’’, The Greyspace In The Middle, The Hague, January 2018. 

This pre-production dummy was printed in edition of 60 on the occasion of NOUN exhibition ‘Good Work’, The Hague (NL).
Design in collaboration with Elena Kostenko.

Map of the World,  postcard.

Zee van plastic, article on Future Relics, Sir Edmund, newspaper de Volkskrant (NL), 5 January 2019.

Future Relics in local initiative where artists invite other artists to exhibit in their living room, Rondje Kunst Statenkwartier, The Hague (NL),  23 & 24 June  2018. 

Future Relics in REUSE exhibition,  The Scientific Center Kuwait, Kuwait City (KW), January - April 2019.

Future Relics in S.O.S. (Save Our Seas) exhibition, Muzee, Scheveningen (NL),  7 June - 22 Sept 2019.