Entangled Life, RADIUS

25 Sept - 27 Nov 2022, Entangled Life: the forest as neural network, RADIUS, Delft (NL).

ENTANGLED LIFE is the third exhibition of the UNDERLAND year program, exploring the multispecies entanglements that occur in forest ecosystems through the work of nine artists. Moving from the world wide web to the wood wide web, this exhibition seeks to advocate for a heightened notion of symbiosis, mutualism, reciprocity and interdependence.

Participating artists:
Abbas Akhavan, Ursula Biemann, Suzette Bousema, Eglé Budvytyté, Wim van Egmond, Johanne Hestvold, Nona Inescu, Dominique Koch, Milah van Zuilen

Read more about the exhibition here.