With the same curiosity as a scientist I visualize contemporary environmental topics. Planetary conditions and our place in them are the starting point in my work; the way humans interfere with nature and how we relate to the Earth on an individual level. By visualizing the beauty of scientific research, my aim is to contribute to already ongoing environmental debates in a positive way.

Currently one of my main sources of inspiration is Hyperobjects, a book by philosopher Timothy Morton. A hyperobject is such a big or abstract object, that we cannot see or touch it, but only experience it through it’s effects. For example, we can see and touch a single plastic object, but to imagine global pollution is nearly impossible. Through art (mainly photography) I try to gain a better understanding of environmental hyperobjects, like climate change or global pollution.

An important aspect of my work is conversation and collaboration. Please feel free to contact me.
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︎ suzette@bousema.eu

︎ @suzettepet

Suzette has recently exhibited at Rotterdam Photo 2020 (NL), The Scientific Centre Kuwait (KW), museum Singer Laren (NL), Muzee Scheveningen (NL). Climate Archive was presented during the UN Climate Conference COP-25 in Madrid. 

Her work has recently been published in NRC (NL), Der Spiegel (DE), Sir Edmund (NL) and The Correspondent (NL).